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I just finished watching “the.brief.dvd” that a friend had lent me. I would highly recommend it to any industrial designers who are just starting out in school, or even pro designers who maybe want to see the design process of others.This is definitely a video (along with Objectified) that should be required viewing in school. The video shows how 4 different designers attack a design problem from initial sketching through 3D mock-up. Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty killer as well. You can purchase the DVD through Core77 here. (Although it’s currently on back-order…sorry.)

UPDATE: Core77 should be receiving a new batch of DVDs any minute…or you can buy it right now at http://www.thebriefdvd.com Continue reading

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Carnegie Mellon industrial design student Jeremy Wolf came up with this clever ACME dynamite candle, which was recently featured on design-supersite NOTCOT.org. Jeremy also has a great graduating portfolio of work that you can view at jeremy-wolf.com. Nice furniture too! Continue reading

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Best and Brightest!

Congratulations to two local Pittsburgh companies, ClearCount Medical Solutions and Bright Innovation, for being featured in Popular Science’s Best Of What’s New 2009 as having one of the top 100 innovations of the year, “The SmartSponge System”! It’s just one more example of the great innovation taking place in the Burgh.

ClearCount went to design firm Bright innovation to work together in developing the Smart Sponge system. The SmartSponge system provides an invaluable service in operating rooms, with the potential to save lives and costly errors. After soaking up blood during a surgery, ClearCount’s SmartSponges alert medical staff before they can be accidentally sewn up inside a patient after surgery. The table-side scanner keeps track of the location of the RFID tag securely embedded in the sponges and counts how many have gone into the patient. Once the doctor and staff finish the operation, they simply wave the RFID wand over the patient to ensure that they’re sponge-free.

Find out more about the entire design process on the award-winning product at Bright Innovation’s website here! Continue reading

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Inside IKEA

As an industrial designer, I am infatuated with product manufacturing videos. And being that I just bought some new IKEA furniture a few weeks ago, I was pumped to find this National Geographic “Ultimate Factories” video of IKEA’s design and production processes. I was glad to finally see the manufacturing facility showing where they produce the honeycomb structured panels for their furniture. I’ve always known what they were made of, I just hadn’t seen it in production until now. Check out part 1 (of 5) below, and check out the rest after the jump: Continue reading

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Red Dot Design Awards…Free Entries for Young Guns of Design!

Yes! Free! Young industrial designers of Pittsburgh, take note:

On December 11th, you will have the chance to apply for FREE product registrations for a period of 24 hours for one of the most prestigious industrial design awards in the world!

From Red Dot:

“This year we would like to provide special support for young creative talent. For the first time, we will give away up to 50 free registrations for the “red dot award: product design 2010” to up-and-coming designers. We are calling independent designers who have obtained their academic qualifications within the past 5 years (a copy of the degree will be accepted as proof). Designers can submit industrially manufactured products that were brought to market after 1 January 2008 and went into series production prior to 1 July 2010.The winners of the lottery will be informed by mid-January 2010.”

And for the rest of you as well…get all your Red Dot Design Awards registration info here: http://www.dexigner.com/jump/news/19287

We’d love to see some Pittsburgh design firms and designers win this prestigious award next year! Continue reading

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Last Call For I.D. Entries!

For all you Industrial designers and ID firms in Pittsburgh…

The I.D. Magazine deadline for entries for the annual design review has been extended to December 15th!!!

Categories include:

* Consumer products
* Graphics
* Packaging
* Furniture
* Environments
* Equipment
* Interactive
* Concepts
* Student Work

Single entries are $125, student work is only $35.

And students……there is a $10,0000 (yes…$10,000) prize for best student entry. The RADO Young Talent Design award, a $10,000 prize, is awarded for the best of category in the student entries. Your $35 student entry could net you $10,000!!!! That’s a lot of blue foam, new x-acto blades and pizza for the next couple of years, not to mention the notoriety!!!

For all the important info, check out the I.D. Magazine website. Continue reading

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It’s Sugru!

Wow!!! It’s new!!! It’s Sugru!!!

Sugru is a new modeling clay that is workable for about 30 minutes then air-cures to a tough, but flexible silicone. I wish I had this stuff when I was in design school! Not only is this stuff great for industrial designers, it’s great for anyone who wants to hack or alter products and items to better interact with them ergonomically, or just to make them function better.

For more info and to order Sugru, check out their website @ http://sugru.com/ Continue reading

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“Next” Design Competition

Here’s a great industrial design competition from the design/social networking site SocialDesigner.com.

“The creator of Social Designer, Felissimo is a subscription based clothing and household goods company from Japan who believes that good design promotes happiness, well-being, and adds value to everyday life. The 500 Colored Pencils product introduces their subscription model to the world. Every month a set of 25 pencils is delivered to the purchaser; like a gift that reveals itself slowly over time, the full set of pencils is acquired over a period of 20 months. For every 100 boxes of pencils sent to subscribers Felissimo donates one set to the UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM Center initiative, an arts education program run by Felissimo and UNESCO to empower under-privileged children around the world through creative expression.”

You, the designer, are to come up with the “next” product that will be introduced into their subscription based service. Aside from the great design exercise and the noteriety among your peers, why should you enter? Well, the winner(s) get to choose between $1500 in cash or 5% royalty on sales of the product. In addition, Felissimo will donate $500 to the UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM Center program. Continue reading

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Baby High-Tech

Pittsburgh, the home of generations of innovation, is now the home of some of the most innovative baby products on the market. 4 Moms has taken technological innovation and transformed some of the most basic everyday products into “baby high-tech” … Continue reading

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Inflate this!

Leave it to the tech wizards at CMU to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. What if you could be visually impaired, i.e. blind, and use an iphone, ATM screen or other touch screen device? Well, based on their … Continue reading

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We finally, after months of anticipation, got to see Objectified. I had the day off so I filled it with frivolous activities waiting for the main contributing writer to get out of work. We picked up a couple of interested … Continue reading

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Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this film to screen in PGH since it premiered at SXSW in March. Directed by Gary Hustwit (who also gave us the cult hit “Helvetica”), Objectified is a must see film for anyone in the … Continue reading

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Have you ever fallen asleep only to wake up in the morning to a room full of lamps, stereos, televisions and other electronic on? Well fortunately for late night workaholics everywhere there is a new product on the horizon. Two … Continue reading

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